Kabaadi app orientation session in Hill Town Secondary School

On Monday, 8th October 2017, BW2V organized one-hour orientation session in Hilltown Secondary School at Kirtipur about the Kabaadi Mobile Application, which is a new product of BW2V. Kabaadi At Your Doorstep is a mobile application and website which facilitates its users to find the nearest scrap dealer at their location for selling their waste. The main motive of the session was to orient the students regarding the use of technology in waste management.

The session started at 2 pm. and brought out 150 secondary level students who got oriented about solid waste management and Kabaadi app from the BW2V team. The session was very interactive and the students were very excited to learn about the use of technology in waste management. Also, we got a very positive response from the school family and will further work together to create the eco-friendly environment in the school arena.