Recycle your waste with Kabaadi

Trash, an unwanted waste, one of a problem all over the world.  Managing solid waste is the major problem in urbanization. Lack of public awareness and poor management by municipalities have intensified environmental problems in Nepal, including unsanitary waste management and disposal. In the present scenario, all waste collected goes to a landfill site, burdening the landfill site.  If this process continuous, then there might be no alternative for dumping site for future. Therefore, we must reduce the bulk of trash going to the landfill site.

How can you reduce the waste?

•    First, segregate your waste- wet and dry waste

•     Prepare compost from organic waste

•    Dry waste can be reused or recycled.

  • Or earn money from waste

That’s where Kabaadi at your doorstep comes to play an important role to fill the gap between the scrap collector and producer. Kabaadi helps to connect waste producer and collector through the mobile application and the website. Kabaadi’s main aim is lessening the waste going to the landfill site.

Join with Kabaadi for recyclable waste.

Support us by giving your recyclable waste. Place your order through mobile application/website.